KuCoin Spreads Awareness Regarding Online Scammers

KuCoin Alerts Users About Fraudulent Website

KuCoin users have been reporting that a website using the KuCoin trademark is asking users to transfer digital assets to specific deposit addresses and offering attractive incentives. 

The KuCoin Group made this declaration through its official blog. The KuCoin stated that k****live.com is a fraud website and is not in any way related to the KuCoin Group.

The website has not been assigned any authority by the KuCoin group to use its trademark or any other rational property. 

The users who have transferred the digital assets to the public deposit addresses are advised to report the website to the police or any other suitable authorities to recover the losses. 

Clarifying further, the KuCoin Group made it clear that there will be no KuCoin events organized on any other platform other than the official www.kucoin.com. The users will be notified about all the upcoming events from the official website. The KuCoin group states that the platform will not disclose any deposit address and instruct users to transfer digital assets to that particular address. 

It’s been very evident that the scammers are going around the world aiming to steal funds from users through whichever medium possible. The issue of online frauds is rising day by day and various government authorities have been raising concerns regarding it. There are a lot of countries that are trying to control the crypto market but scammers are finding the way to steal the user’s fund.

On similar lines, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) informed about a fraudulent website which has been reported to the HKMA.

According to the press release, HKMA states that anyone who has provided their personal information to the concerned website or made any financial transactions should consult the bank using the information provided for contact in the press release and report the issue to the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of Hong Kong Police Force. 

For further details regarding the fraudulent details, you can visit the HKMA website.

The citizens are requested to be more alert and careful with unknown entrepreneurs and also from the people who say they are working from government sectors. There have been many cases reported where a lot of people have been the victims of online fraud.

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