SSD Patent of Samsung

SSD Patent of Samsung’s Blockchain could Disrupt Crypto Mining

Filing a patent for the litigation process in corporations is a trend. Many tech companies are involved in getting a patent for many years. Nowadays, every corporation is filing up with a patent. In May 2019, Samsung filed for a Programmable Blockchain Solid State Drive and Switch (SSD) patent.

In the programmable SSD device, there is a non-volatile memory and a storage controller that helps in controlling the system. The network interface and field-programmable array in the device are used to implement the blockchain algorithm.

For effective mining algorithms, there is a need for General Purpose Computers (GPUs), which includes the right software and configurations. With the help of this technique, the GPU can mine multiple coins.

Samsung patent disrupts the crypto mining space. In 2018, the company manufactured three and five-nanometer chips for Bitcoin mining. Extreme UV lithography technology is used for the manufacturing process. With the help of this method, 7LPP chips become more powerful and energy-efficient.

Recently, it was reported that Samsung supports 32 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) in model S10 blockchain wallet. The Ethereum and BTC wallets are automatically generated on this device.

Samsung combined with MicroBT, the third-largest Bitcoin ASICs designer. The latest device of MicroBT is M20S Whatsminer which has 68 terahashes per second (Th/s) and 48 watts per terathash power efficiency. The chips of Samsung are five times more capable than Bitmain Antminer S9 with a power efficiency of 48 watts per terahash.

Samsung manufactures its mining chips, and it is the second-largest producer of the semiconductor spending over $8 billion on R&D in half of the year.

Samsung invested $8.1 million in blockchain companies, i.e. Blocco and KZen Networks. It was announced that the company was working on its crypto token, i.e. Samsung Coin. In May 2019, Yuan Zhen, the CEO of Samsung SDS said that blockchain technology could improve the production of the manufacturing industry. In July 2019, the users of Samsung S10 have to add the Pundi XWallet application to access the blockchain wallet of Samsung.

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