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Blockchain Desktop App Released by the Lightning Network

The first Bitcoin development firm, Lightning Labs, has broadcasted about the completion of the alpha form of Lightning Network for BTC network. The corporation has been working for a long time to develop a scaling solution; for them, this launch is a massive step as per the blog post published on 23rd April.

The app was previously used for Bitcoin testnet. The application was getting used there for testing on Fake Bitcoin. However, the user can use the real variety of the app now.

The aforementioned app is a noncustodial application, that denotes the user will have complete control over their BTC. It for the initial time the user can transact funds simultaneously anyplace in the world.

The application is still under its testing phase, and developers are taking all the necessary measures to use all test cases that are applicable for Bitcoin.

As per the blog they are glad to publicize the alpha version of the LN app for the desktop. Although it is an early version meant for the trial, will give inventors and innovative users a chance to experiment with Lightning UX. The light client technology of Neutrino will make the app more user-friendly. As it can download and verify megabytes within few seconds. This feature of Neutrino will make it possible for use in smartphone and other low powered devices.

The app can be used from Windows, MAC, and Linux. The announcement for the smartphones will happen soon. The version is not for the general public as it can be utilized by the competent computer user for the network of Bitcoin.

The developers of the app Valentine Wallace & Tankred Hase has said the scaling principle that has been used is a full pledge to the philosophies that Bitcoin is built on, i.e., privacy, self-determination, and security.

Zap, Zeus, and Blue wallet are the few apps that work well with real Bitcoin. But lightning labs is the primary firm to release a Bitcoin mainnet app. The app will turn on from mainnet alpha v0.5.0 and will automatically send reminders when to install updates.

The payment processor Moon has revealed that LN Bitcoin wallet can be utilized to make payments in Amazon.

With the growth of the lightning network, users will discover a sequence of steering tweaks and optimization. It will eventually make direction-finding faster and reliable.

Sparkswap a startup based in the US has successfully finished the seed funding to start an exchange that will be decentralized and will be based on LN Bitcoin network.

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