SSD Patent of Samsung’s Blockchain could Disrupt Crypto Mining

SSD Patent of Samsung

Filing a patent for the litigation process in corporations is a trend. Many tech companies are involved in getting a patent for many years. Nowadays, every corporation is filing up with a patent. In May 2019, Samsung filed for a Programmable Blockchain Solid State Drive and Switch (SSD) patent. In the programmable SSD device, there

Samsung Will Soon Launch Blockchain Mainnet And Might Issue “Samsung Coin”


Samsung is a multinational conglomerate which will be soon coming up with its own Ethereum-based public-private blockchain network, per the reports published by a renowned news media of South Korea on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. The electronics giant is headquartered in South Korea. The firm accommodates several businesses in it. The company was established back

First Blockchain Notary of China Opens Office

First Blockchain Notary

Notary services are required to assure parties involved in a transaction that a certain document which is a part of the transaction is in actuality, authentic and can be trusted. But these documents are sometimes marred with forgery and duplicity. A block chain-enabled notary would make sure that such forged documents never get approved. Using