Bitcoinlatestnewstoday Team

Alma Brosnan
Alma Brosnan writes articles on the latest happenings of the world of cryptocurrencies at the KEYWORD. She has years of experience in crypto trading and vast knowledge of technical analysis. She has also written for foremost publications.
Bernard Weber
Bernard Weber has joined KEYWORD recently as a news editor. He knows his work well and well aware of the cryptocurrency market & blockchain technology. He even contributes featured articles on the latest happenings of the crypto world.
Betty Olson
Betty Olson is working with KEYWORD as a freelance news writer. She holds a graduate degree in journalism and English literature. She wrote about the latest news and updates on the world of blockchain from all over the world.
Jolene Ford
Jolene Ford is a cryptocurrency trader and presently working as a news writer at KEYWORD. She writes price analysis articles and even contributes fundamental articles regarding most of the cryptocurrencies.