Justin Sun Discusses Steve Wozniak

Justin Sun Discusses Steve Wozniak & Samsung During The Warren Buffett Charity Dinner

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of the globally reputed blockchain organization, the TRON Foundation, recently became a guest to a Charity Dinner organized by renowned business professional Warren Buffett. The event saw the presence of some of the biggest names from the industry, which marked their esteemed presence with Justin Sun.

The news about the charity dinner was made official by Justin Sun through a Twitter post on his handle. In his post-Justin thanked Warren for his valuable advice for the strengthening of the TRON Network. The two dignitaries indulged in a strategically intriguing discussion that involved an array of topics, one of them being Justin’s meeting with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He even showed a great deed of interest in the evolution of Samsung and its business.

What grabbed the attention of the spearheads present at the charity dinner was Mr. Buffett inquiring from Justin about his meeting with Steve Wozniak. The Berkshire leader wanted to send his greetings to Wozniak and acknowledged him, saying that “Wozniak is a legend who shaped the development of Apple.” This question took Justin in amaze as Mr. Buffett already knew about his meeting with Wozniak, which took place just two days prior to the charity dinner, beforehand, as he follows Justin on Twitter.

Mr. Warren applauded Samsung for its successful run in the market but also stated that Apple still pools in a major section of the profits. While talking about Samsung’s chairman, Lee Kun Hee, who has been hospitalized for a long period of time, Mr. Warren said that he wishes his fast recovery. He remarked that it is a hard time for the Samsung community to manage operations without its chairman’s guidance.

Justin Sun was elated to be a part of the Charity Dinner and expressed his happiness with his TRON community through a chain of Twitter posts describing the event details.

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