Cryptocurrency Custodian Anchorage Launches Trading Services; Acquires Merkle Data

Cryptocurrency Custodian Anchorage Launches Trading Services; Acquires Merkle Data

Cryptocurrency startup Anchorage has launched trading services on its platform. Anchorage provides custodian services for institutional investors in the cryptocurrency industry. The new venture is called Anchorage Trading. Traders will be charged ten basis points per trade on the platform. Anchorage was co-founded by Diogo Monica and Nathan McCauley in 2017 and is based in

Report Published From Indeed Shows Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs Are on Decline

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs Are on Decline

Recently,, a Texas-based recruitment platform, has published a new research report about the analysis and possibilities of the job market in the crypto and blockchain industry. Further, Indeed examined the percentage change in the employment postings and a portion of new job searches per million for jobs identified with Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

Aliant Payments to Pay Employees’ Compensation Package in Bitcoin and Litecoin

Aliant Payments to Pay Employees Compensation Package in Bitcoin and Litecoin

Aliant Payments, a US-based financial technology company that provides merchant services and payment processing services, will pay its employees’ compensation package in 2 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin. Aliant’s CEO Eric Brown says, “The fintech industry is growing and changing rapidly, and This is a way for our employees to be a part of Aliant’s involvement

Blockstack Makes History with $23M SEC Regulated Token Sale


The decentralized computing network, Blockstack has recently made news with the sale of its first to be regulated token by SEC. This makes it possible for token investors to invest in SEC backed token for the first time. Muneeb Ali, the co-founder and CEO of the blockchain-based Blockstack network, updated in a blog post on

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Machines of More than 152,000 Infected by Vulnerabilities

Electrum Bitcoin Wallets were attacked, and the infected machine number has reached to more than 152,000 due to the attack. The instance was noticed when the users were asked to download a fake update, upon doing so it could steal their virtual currencies, Malwarebytes a security firm revealed about the news through a web-blog post

Indian Jurisdiction Committee ‘Drafts Bill’ To Impose Ban on Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

There are few countries where trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are illegal, and India is one of them. It now looks like the emerging digital currencies are moving towards a complete ban in the country because a committee formed by the Indian Government has developed a bill named as “Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of

Europeans Do Not Seem To Be Big Crypto Fans: Bitflyer Survey

Where the whole world is after crypto and blockchain technology, some are skeptical about its use and future. Well, recently one survey was conducted in Europe where 10,000 European residents, were questioned about crypto and its future. The results were surprising. Most of us carry this preconceived notion that developed countries are always in favor

Bitstamp Owner Reportedly Planning to Invest USD 8.8 billion in Crypto

Luxembourg based crypto exchange named Bitstamp facilitates crypto trading between USD and bitcoin. It operates in EUR, USD, along with crypto coins like bitcoin, and altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or Bitcoin cash. It facilitates deposits and withdrawals of both all these currencies. One South Korean media house reported that the owner of NXC Holdings,


Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the world by volume is trying to gain popularity by creating headlines. Now Binance has released its services in Singapore. Vertex investment made it possible for Binance to launch its services in the country. Binance has been working on its new service for nearly 6 months after it received

FinCEN To Penalize Peer-to-Peer BTC Exchanger For The First Time Ever

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions in order to combat domestic and international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. According to the news release on 18th April 2019 by FinCEN, The Financial Crimes Enforcement