Europeans Do Not Seem To Be Big

Europeans Do Not Seem To Be Big Crypto Fans: Bitflyer Survey

Where the whole world is after crypto and blockchain technology, some are skeptical about its use and future. Well, recently one survey was conducted in Europe where 10,000 European residents, were questioned about crypto and its future. The results were surprising. Most of us carry this preconceived notion that developed countries are always in favor of new technology and they are flexible enough to adopt each innovation. But, European people don’t seem convinced of crypto technology.

Out of the 10,000 surveyed European residents, 63% said that cryptocurrencies would be present even a decade down the line. However, when asked about the future of Bitcoin, they seemed confused. Most of these people are not sure what the future of Bitcoin would be like. Mere 49% of people surveyed, believed that BTC would last ten years after now.

The crypto market is volatile. Last year it went down and had not come up yet. This might be the reason why people are not ready to believe in crypto or hesitating to talk about its future confidently.

The European region is not lagging in the crypto world. Rather many European companies are holding a powerful position in global crypto space. Plus, crypto-based companies across the world are showing interest in the European crypto market.

Bitflyer (a cryptocurrency exchange from Japan) recently acquired a licensed to operate in the European Union. And within a few days, Bitflyer’s European office conducted a poll where 10,000 residents across Europe were questioned. The prime question asked in this survey was if these people believe that cryptocurrencies would last for a minimum ten years from now? As we saw above, 63 percent of residents polled in favor of Bitcoin.

Norway residents were positive about the future with 73% believing that the crypto would last. Following Norway was Italy, along with the Netherlands, and Germany.

At present, BTC is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. However, Europeans are not sure about their future. 49% of surveyed people expressed positive thoughts over Bitcoin’s future. Countries like Denmark, UK are the least confident. On the other hand, 7% stated that Bitcoin would survive as an investment option.

The survey concluded that though participants are positive about crypto, they are not optimistic about BTC. The present market situation might be the reason behind this sentiment; however, some communities have great faith in Bitcoin and are ready to wait until Bitcoin gets its glory back.

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