A Bitcoin Debate That Can Help Build Schools In Kenya

When there was a twitter exchange between the CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back and the chief scientist of Bitcoin unlimited, Peter Rizun, things escalated quickly. As the latter challenged the former for an open debate on why they cannot scale with Bigger blocks, Roger Ver, the CEO of tweeted that he would give $10k to a charity of Adam’s choice if he decides to show up. The next day, Paxful’s CEO Ray Youssef suggested they build schools in Kenya if Adam showed up.

It’s interesting to see how a little discussion that started on twitter now becomes something of a fundraiser all in the span of a day. It’s the age of Twitter and things grow fast. Of course, all this would happen if only Adam decides to accept the challenge for the Debate.

Apart from getting the children getting an education, what good will come out of this debate? Well, the first thing is the debate itself is about scaling Bitcoin using bigger blocks, something that has become a controversy in itself where the proponents of the smaller block, especially those who control them, seem to be targeting those in favor of bigger block without stating any solid reasons.

The Initial Discussion

All this started when Adam Back said that those who are supporting the big blockers are like Flat Earthers which apparently brought ire to Peter Rizun who replied asking people to remember Adam’s comments when Gigabyte blocks go mainstream. He also put forth his opinion that it won’t even require a scientific breakthrough to make it happen, just consistent upgrades.

Back replied by telling Rizun that it wouldn’t be the architecture to follow. It was after this when Rizun challenged him for the debate and suggested that Peter McCormack can moderate the debate and even use it for one of his podcast episodes.

Soon after, a poll was started on twitter asking people if they would like to see the debate happen with Peter McCormack as the moderator. A staggering 63% of the people said they wanted to. They want to know the truth behind these claims by Adam back. They want answers, and they want them soon.

Offerings over the debate

When the engagement for the challenge caught many eyes,’s CEO Roger Ver made his offer of giving to the charity and Ray Youssef upped it with an offer of 100k to build schools in Kenya. However, it remains to be seen as to what happens because, at the chance of being part of something this big, Adam back seems unwilling to come.  

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