300 Million Telegram Users Trade with Zero Risks Using Crypto Wallet

Button Wallet helps in crypto trading via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Telegram Open Network (TON). A user can store, buy and sell digital assets using this wallet. It provides adoption of crypto wallet among 300 million users. Button Wallet is the first free testing platform for cryptocurrency. It is reported on August 26 that there will be 6.6-gram tokens offered by the client application. This currency belongs to the TON blockchain platform. It allows a user to activate his wallet and trade using cryptocurrency with zero risks.  

A user will get practical experience in digital assets transactions without any risk. The co-founder and CEO say this statement of Button Wallet, Alex Safonov. He also said that the biggest obstacle for the crypto is the mass adoption and the solution they have provided will help a user in trading with cryptocurrency without any real money comfortably. He also continued about Facebook’s Libra digital currency, there is no other way to explore the digital assets, but now, Button Wallet solved this issue.

According to the Rachael McCrary, the Chief Operations Officer at Button Wallet, there is a common crypto fear that resists people for becoming new users. But, if they get the opportunity to practice in trading the digital assets, then they can get themselves out of this fear.

Recently, this is also reported that in Hong Kong, telegram gets the popularity and on the other hand, it is banned in China. They are having some technical issues and due to this, phone numbers are getting leaked from group messaging chats. Telegram users in Hong Kong have fear regarding the issue as it could easily expose them to the Chinese authorities and hence, put them in danger.

There is a warning from security researchers that the issue of leaking numbers does not open any private message. It will allow criminals and authorities to break privacy and security. There should not be any compromise with the security as well as privacy of the application. Otherwise, Button Wallet in Telegram can attract many users in trading using cryptocurrency and without any real money.

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