Trusted Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a comprehensive money-making enterprise established by a private group of experts who have jumped on the Bitcoin Trading craze and released the platform to the public in 2017. The Bitcoin Trader cryptocurrency trading platform experienced a steady increase in the figure of active users since the time of its inception. Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading platform that does all the manual hard work for a trader automatically before placing the trade. All required to start a live trade after creating a trading account is to make a deposit and activate the automated trading feature.

Bitcoin Trader Review - Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Bitcoin Trader Review – Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

This application functions with the help of sophisticated software and computerized algorithms that are specially crafted to analyze the cryptocurrency market. Our team of analysts conducted an in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin Trader platform, and in a simple term, we can state that the platform is one of the best cryptocurrency trading stations to earn a notable sum of money constantly from trading crypto assets. Bitcoin Trader features many class-leading features that guarantee excellent results in every trading session. Further, the platform gained numerous goodwill gestures in the form of testimonials from many traders all across the globe for its superb service quality.

The legitimacy of the Bitcoin Trader platform:

Bitcoin Trader is designed and produced by a skilled team of software engineers and cryptocurrency brokers from all over the globe. After a thorough analysis of Bitcoin Trader, we can confidently affirm that the platform is 100% legitimate. To validate our claim and to authenticate the platform’s legitimacy, our team went ahead and contacted the developers of the Bitcoin Trader platform as well as its regulatory agencies, who cooperated with us and provided us with authentic documentation of the auto trading platform.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Why to choose it?

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Why to choose it?

Before writing this review, our experienced team of research analysts tested all the primary features of Bitcoin Trader to examine the applications trade processing speed, efficiency, cybersecurity, and customer care services. Our primary intention was to put intensive pressure on the application to test out its robustness, to which the bitcoin trader app passed with flying colors. We understand that there are numerous auto trading cryptocurrency stations available today, but choosing the best among them is difficult for a newbie and a skilled trader because many such platforms are nothing but a finely designed application to deceive traders. We have thoroughly tested Bitcoin Trader and can authenticate that it is not a scam.

After manually cross-checking all the vital trade parameters of the platform thoroughly, our team discovered many vital aspects of Bitcoin Trader, which will be shared in the latter half of the article. In this section to keep things brief, and simplistic, the following are the few points after our analysis:

  • The interface of Bitcoin Trader software is extremely easy and responsive for traders with any skill level.
  • The minimum obligatory amount that has to be deposited to start a live trade in Bitcoin Trader is $250, after successfully depositing the amount users can activate the autonomous trading robot for confirmed profit.
  • Bitcoin Trader boasts a respectable victory rate of 88% to 92%. The platform is designed and produced for novice and experienced traders, although all the trades performed by the software are extremely effective. It is still recommended by crypto-experts in bitcoin traders to research completely before placing a huge trade.
  • Bitcoin Trader features a superb 24/7 customer support team to provide quick but thorough trading solutions when required.

The efficiency of auto trading in Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader platform uses an intelligent robot that is specifically created to deal with trading complexity efficiently and to place trades swiftly as compared to a human trader. Further, we also discovered that the platform is split-second faster as compared to other cryptocurrency brokers in the market, which assures guaranteed profit in every trading session. The auto trading robots make trading easy for users by grabbing the market signals swiftly and placing over a thousand trades in each trading session, which is nearly impossible for a manual trader, resulting in a loss of trading opportunity. Our analysts tested the whole trading system and discovered that to perform successful trades, all they had to do was to deposit money in their trading account. And activate the automated trading feature, which autonomously places trades to generate profit without any human intervention.

The invention of automated trading robots is one of the best innovative ideas put into effect in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Earlier, many people were scared to get involved in cryptocurrency trading due to its volatile price and high monetary risk factor, but as autonomous trading robots started to evolve, everyone from newbie to professional traders can now start trading and earning profit without the fear of losing money.

How Bitcoin Trader operates?

Our team of skilled analysts researched the Bitcoin Trader platform and found it to be extremely easy for traders with any level of experience. Contrary to other trading platforms like bitcoin code, registration for a live trading account is very easy and takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The auto trading robot of Bitcoin Trader is crafted to place thousands of accurate trades in every trading period efficiently. Further, the trading robots also scrutinize the crypto-market with millions of historical data before placing every trade, which increases its trading efficiency to a massive 88%.

Additionally, Bitcoin Trader also cross verifies all the trading transactions, performed by the autonomous robots by skilled human brokers who sanction the business event on behalf of the user to eliminate any errors conducted by the autonomous trading system. Bitcoin Trader platform is user friendly, and our team of analysts confirms this system to be 100% legitimate. Further, customers of Bitcoin Trader are facilitated by demo trading features, which can be used by traders to understand the trading application before stepping forward to live to trade involving money.

Registering a new trading account in Bitcoin Trader

Step 1: Registration of a trading account

The registration process of a trading account with Bitcoin Trader is relatively easy as compared to its market competitors and also completely free with no hidden charges added. To initially open a trading account, users have to fill a registration form on their official website. Here a few one time, mandatory details like first/last name, active mobile number, active e-mail ID, and government-issued identity proof have to be provided. After providing the one-time mandatory personal details, the application will prompt the users to create a strong password for the account for online security; before clicking on the “Register Now” button to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Mandatory minimum deposit for live trading

Users of Bitcoin Trader can register a trading account for free, but for placing a live trade, the platform has fixed a one time mandatory and minimum deposit amount of $250 only. The minimum deposit amount allows users to start trading with a small investment and gradually increase investment as they gain profit, which moreover encourages new traders to carry out trading to earn and streamline their income. Bitcoin Trader accepts numerous payment methods, which include popular credit/ debit card, MasterCard, direct wire transfer from a bank, Skrill, Visa, Maestro, and Neteller. After confirming the card’s authenticity, the application prompts the user to enter the card details like card number, CVV number, expiry, and validity date. But before providing them our card details during the initial testing stage, our team went ahead to check and verify the authenticity of the payment gateway as well as the website of Bitcoin Trader. After complete satisfaction, we proceeded with the payment to discover that the site and its payment gateway is secured with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Step 3: Utilizing the demo mode Trading option

After the mandatory deposit of money is successfully processed, the customers of Bitcoin Trader can choose between the demo mode trading mode for gaining more in-depth technical know-how about trading or on the other hand skilled traders can opt for the live trading option to start trading with real-time money. The Bitcoin market is highly volatile, and exchanging bitcoins between its price surges can bring huge profits to traders; that being said, Bitcoin Trader recommends all its users to try the demo trading mode before placing a huge amount in live trading. The demo trading feature helps traders learn different trading strategies and comes equipped with virtual profits and graphics-based graphs that mimic the original live trading.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews - How does it Work?

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – How does it Work?

Step 4: Live Trading in Bitcoin Trader

After depositing the mandatory trading amount in the registered trader account, the final step involved to start live trading is by activating the autonomous robots. These are finely crafted computerized programs to deal with the trading complexity and bring huge profits keeping the risk factor to as minimum as possible. During our analysis, we discovered that by using the bitcoin trader platform, users could choose numerous currency pairs like XRP/EUR, BTC/EUR, and BTC/USD among few in a wide range of other pairs.
It is firmly recommended by Bitcoin Trader to set personalized trade settings and gain knowledge about using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies before starting the trade. Few remarkable trading parameters that Bitcoin Trader includes but not limited to are the take profit orders, currency pairs, stop-loss feature, stake set per trade, and many more. Traders can proceed with live trading soon after providing their trade parameters, which at any point can be customized from the profile by visiting the trade setting section. After making an impressive amount of profit from just the initial deposit amount as an investment, we were able to withdraw the profit in no time to our registered bank account; the withdrawal process was smooth and took less than 24 hours to get processed. This feature of a swift deposit and withdrawal process makes the platform a very lucrative trading platform in the cryptocurrency market.

Highlights of Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is equipped with numerous features that are class-leading in the cryptocurrency market. After a thorough analysis of the trading software, we shortlisted the following chief features of this leading trading software:

Payouts: It is claimed by Bitcoin Trader that an average trader can earn as much as 1300$ to 2000$ per day; even though the win rate of Bitcoin Trader is considerably high to around 88%-92% it is still not possible for a new user to earn as much as 1400$ every day unless the trader is highly skilled, and is investing a lot of money. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Trader recommends its users to invest a small amount of money initially and linearly invest while gaining profit.

Verification of users holding a trader account: As per our research, Bitcoin Trader is one of the few trading brokers in the cryptocurrency market which uses industry-standard cybersecurity protocol to protect all the trading transactions as well as customer information from imposters and cyber miscreants. The verification process followed by Bitcoin Trader follows strict regulation from the financial markets, the verification process involves cross-checking the user’s identity details as well as their country of origin, the process is relatively very swift as compared to other cryptocurrency brokers in the financial market. The process takes as minimum as a few hours in some cases.

Withdrawal/Deposits from Bitcoin Trader: Bitcoin Trader facilitates its users with numerous safe and secure deposit methods and processes a fund withdrawal request in less than 24 hours. To deposit money into a registered trader account of Bitcoin Trader users can choose between direct bank wire transfers, providing credit card/debit card information, and also various other digital payment gateways, the money will be accessible in the user’s bank account instantly or in a few hours’ time depending upon the geographical location. To authenticate the payment and withdrawal process, our team of analysts went ahead with a few trading sessions. It later withdrew our profit, to which the trading system worked smoothly, and the payment request was processed in less than 24 hours as promised by the firm.

Charges/ Hidden cost and commission of Bitcoin Trader: Contrary to Bitcoin Trader, many cryptocurrency trading exchanges like bitcoin code insert hidden costs and commission charges, which remain unknown to users until the user tries to withdraw the amount from his trading account. That being said, Bitcoin Trader claims to have no hidden cost associated with their trading account, and their commission rate is also on the nominal side. Further, their claims are verified by our team of experts who tried and tested all their claims before writing this review.

Customer Feedback System in Bitcoin Trader; One of the main reasons for the reputation of the Bitcoin Trader app is the fact that the firm features an effective customer feedback policy in its official website devoted to any registered user to share their grievance/ problems/ suggestions/ testimonials etc. via email address. Some of the user reviews we read were quite exciting, as many people claim to have earned more than $100,000 in profits from just a few months of trading. Some users have also testified to earning massive profits from trading crypto-assets using bitcoin trader applications. In the end, we can declare that by using the Bitcoin Trader platform, a user with a fair amount of experience in the cryptocurrency domain can really make a decent amount of money and turn their lives around.

Splendid customer support team: Bitcoin Trader boasts a splendid customer support facility, which is also one of the key pillars of its successful operation. The professional customer support team employs expert personals from the cryptocurrency trading domain, who assists customers with any guidance regarding trading. As the first tool of customer assistance, the customer support team is active 24/7, and users can reach them at all times of the day easily via email, live chat options, and even phone calls.

Brokers Affiliated with Bitcoin Trader

To provide a seamless experience to traders, and to gain access to other gigantic financial platforms, Bitcoin Trader has partnered with many reputable brokers in the financial industry.

These financial firms playing the role of intermediaries offer numerous financial services, including admittance to educational materials, video tutorials, lectures, trading tools, secure options for banking, and other expert customer assistance.

Bitcoin TraderOther Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Registering for a trading account in Bitcoin Trader takes less than five minutes. Users are prompted with few personal details, before verifying the trading account.

Numerous bitcoin trading robots are available in the market, which forces users to go through lengthy questionnaires with unnecessary forms before registering for a trading account.

Making a fund deposit, as well as withdrawal on Bitcoin Trader, is extremely easy. Users are provided with numerous choices of payment methods to choose from, like Mastercard, credit card/debit card, direct wire transfer, etc.

Many brokers in the market start asking a long list of questions before making a deposit, some cryptocurrency trading robots even demand bank statements and go further to give proof of financial details which at times becomes hectic, tedious and time-consuming.

Bitcoin Trader allows its consumers to adjust trade settings as per personal preferences, which further allows flexibility while trading.

Some of the robots available in the market today does not offer any such feature and completely depends upon the trading robot; many a times these robots don’t function properly and people experience monetary loss.

Bitcoin Trader boasts many positive user testimonials in their website as well as in the crypto community, which exhibits the reliability of the application.

Many crypto-trading platforms available in the market carry harsh or even negative user testimonials for different reasons, which sometimes confuses customers.

Money withdrawal requests are generally processed, and funds reflect in a registered bank account in less than 24 hours.

Other crypto trading brokers have long processing time, some even take as long as 10 days to process a withdrawal request.

Bitcoin Trader offers abundant transparency in every trading transaction on its application, which can be easily analyzed.Most transactions carried out by other bitcoin trading firms are covered in mystery; as many of these so-called trading brokers, the primary objective is to deceive people.

Reasons to choose Bitcoin trader over other brokers

As per our analysis, Bitcoin Trader is among the few cryptocurrency traders available in the market, which we can claim to be the most dependable auto-trading applications. There are diverse aspects of this software that assured us that dealing with it could be a great idea. Following are a few lists of our findings:

  • The interface of Bitcoin Trader is extremely user friendly: To efficiently use the trading application, Bitcoin Trader especially designed the software keeping newbie as well as expert people in mind. The firm further claims that users of this application do not need any prior experience with trading or computer programming. That being said, the company also recommends that people place trades safely by initially investing a small amount of money.
  • Bitcoin Trader extends excellent customer support: Users of Bitcoin Trader can contact the customer support team at any time of the day 24/7. The firm’s official website claims that experts are employed in shifts to assist customers with any assistance 24 hours a day. In our inspection, we intentionally tried to contact staff during odd times of the day and in the night. Without fail, the customer support executives of Bitcoin Trader responded within minutes in a pleasant, courteous, and helpful way.
  • The availability of a Demo trading account: Bitcoin traders offer a demo trading mode for users to get familiar with the trading application before investing real money. The company firmly recommends users to use this feature as many brokers in the cryptocurrency market do not offer any such feature like demo trading. Bitcoin trading in the demo trade mode allows less experienced users to get cozy with the trade settings, tools, events, and additional trading resources available on the application. Users are further free to opt for live trading any time by just depositing the one time mandatory 250$ and activating the autonomous trading robot.
  • Trades are conducted at high speed as compared to human traders: as discussed earlier, Bitcoin Traders work in a state of the art computer program that analyzes the historic market records, before placing each and every trade autonomously. Further, the application is also capable of placing thousands of trades per minute, which is not humanly possible. Yet further, the algorithm also enables users to contribute less than half an hour every day on the application, as all the manual analysis is done efficiently and autonomously by the trading bots.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews - Join us!

Bitcoin Trader Reviews – Join us!

Has Bitcoin Trader been highlighted on Television?

Lots of rumors are there in the crypto community regarding Bitcoin Trader. It is rumored to be endorsed by celebrities, famous TV stars, and is also further claiming that the platform has appeared on live television, but these remarks and information are scattered around the internet with the intention to defame the platform and to reduce its competition. After a thorough investigation of the matter, the following are the results of our findings:

Dragon’s Den television program
Dragon’s Den is a popular television program that discusses financial investment and provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach affluent investors. Even though rumors claim that Bitcoin Trader is associated with Dragon’s Den television program but our investigation shows different. As per Naomi Simson, who is also a host to the program, claims the statement to be completely false and further also confirmed that Dragon’s Den is not associated with any of the trading brokers as claimed in some fake articles. As per this statement, we recommend discarding any such information claiming Bitcoin Trader’s affiliation to Dragon’s Den tv show. These types of remarks and rumors are probably spread by competitors trying to defame and make Bitcoin Trader look like a scam platform.

Shark Tank Television program
Shark Tank is a similar popular television program, like Dragon’s Den. As per our research, and also claims by executives of Bitcoin Trader, the firm is not connected to the Shark Tank tv shows by any means, and all statements affirming contrarily are misleading. Any claims suggesting an endorsement of the Shark Tank tv show with Bitcoin Trader is nothing but an attempt by competitors to spread false rumors in the market to confuse people. These are simply done to convince and deceive people into buying a fake copy of Bitcoin Trader software. As per our research on Bitcoin Trader, we found no links in any way to the Shark tank tv shows.

Do Celebrities Support the Bitcoin Trader Platform?

A well-known method of driving huge traffic to a website or a product is to get it endorsed by a celebrity. This is a well-known marketing technique followed by many brands that work like a charm. Thus, it was not unusual for us to discover false claims about renowned celebrities backing the Bitcoin Trader platform. We analyzed closely into sources claiming statements as such and conducted in-depth study in all the fake claims. This is the following list of our findings:

Sir Peter Jones
Sir Peter Jones is a well-known TV celebrity as well as one of the sponsors of the previously discussed popular TV show the Dragon’s Den. It is claimed that Sir Peter Jones owns a substantial share of the company. However, as per our research, we can confirm all these claims are nothing but just rumors intentionally created to hamper the image of bitcoin trader reviews in the market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Savvy entrepreneur and Tesla companies’ owner and CEO Elon Musk have also been rumored to be associated with the Bitcoin Trader platform. As he is considered a superstar in the space research and technology domain, we were not surprised to discover his name affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader platform. But, we can confirm that Elon Musk has no links to the Bitcoin Trader platform, and all the statements claiming otherwise are false.

Gordon Ramsay
It is also claimed that the popular British chef Gordon Ramsay is linked with Bitcoin Trader. Mr. Ramsay is a well-known personality known for his generous investment in many start-ups and other companies. So it is not unusual for us to discover his name in rumors claiming his endorsement with Bitcoin Trader. Nevertheless, we checked the claimed statements and concluded that the statements were false, and Gordon Ramsay has no links to any of the trading platforms and has no investment in any crypto assets.


After a thorough, in-depth investigation into writing this bitcoin trader review, we can conclude that Bitcoin Trader is completely free to use trading software with a fully functioning interface. We discovered that many traders had earned a considerable amount of money during our analysis amid $200 to $1200 regularly, using this platform. However, we would firmly recommend all our readers to research the bitcoin market before investing a huge amount of money, as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are known for its volatile price. There are numerous fraudulent claims in the market about the Bitcoin Trader brand name, but we closely researched all these claims, and at last, we can confirm that the platform is 100% legitimate, and the claims are nothing but cheap marketing strategies by other competitors.


1. Is Bitcoin Trader Legit?

People do have doubts about whether Bitcoin Trader scam or legit. Bitcoin Trader registration procedure, robot functionality, and customer support are very helpful. The platform is developed by the best software engineers in the industry and is affiliated with reputed brokers around the world. Besides, it provides a sustainable platform for several users to earn a considerable amount of profit every day.

2. Does Bitcoin Trader Consider User Safety?

When compared to other automated platforms that are scam, Bitcoin Trader robot considers the trader’s safety very seriously; their website is well encrypted and it prevents hackers to intercept the traffic that goes into the site and steal their data. Besides, this platform claims that it is GDPR compliant. This helps the traders to avoid scam and the risk of losing their hard earned money.

3. How to start with Bitcoin Trader?

The process is very easy, the trader should visit the official site, use Bitcoin Trader to create an account, add funds, and click on the auto-trade button to proceed with a live trading session.