Indian Jurisdiction Committee ‘Drafts Bill’ To Impose Ban on Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

Indian Jurisdiction Committee

There are few countries where trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are illegal, and India is one of them. It now looks like the emerging digital currencies are moving towards a complete ban in the country because a committee formed by the Indian Government has developed a bill named as “Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of

Europeans Do Not Seem To Be Big Crypto Fans: Bitflyer Survey

Europeans Do Not Seem To Be Big

Where the whole world is after crypto and blockchain technology, some are skeptical about its use and future. Well, recently one survey was conducted in Europe where 10,000 European residents, were questioned about crypto and its future. The results were surprising. Most of us carry this preconceived notion that developed countries are always in favor

Bitstamp Owner Reportedly Planning to Invest USD 8.8 billion in Crypto

Bitstamp Owner Reportedly Planning

Luxembourg based crypto exchange named Bitstamp facilitates crypto trading between USD and bitcoin. It operates in EUR, USD, along with crypto coins like bitcoin, and altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or Bitcoin cash. It facilitates deposits and withdrawals of both all these currencies. One South Korean media house reported that the owner of NXC Holdings,

Samsung Will Soon Launch Blockchain Mainnet And Might Issue “Samsung Coin”


Samsung is a multinational conglomerate which will be soon coming up with its own Ethereum-based public-private blockchain network, per the reports published by a renowned news media of South Korea on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. The electronics giant is headquartered in South Korea. The firm accommodates several businesses in it. The company was established back

Final Frontier to Fund Bitcoin Mining with Bitfury

Frontier to Fund Bitcoin

With the Bitcoin’s recent development, the eyes of the world are once again at the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This upward movement of Bitcoin could be the sole reason that the Swiss investment firm, Final Frontier is collaborating with leading blockchain infrastructure provider Bitfury to launch a fully regulated Bitcoin mining fund for institutional and



Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange of the world by volume is trying to gain popularity by creating headlines. Now Binance has released its services in Singapore. Vertex investment made it possible for Binance to launch its services in the country. Binance has been working on its new service for nearly 6 months after it received

4500 Ether got Stolen by Just Predicting Private Key

4500 Ether got Stolen

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, the hackers are also finding new ways to infiltrate into innocent’s wallet. Of course, getting into one’s wallet is not much complicated as breaking a bank account, it is just a guessing game of the password. The man who is now getting designated as blockchain bandit has managed to

First Blockchain Notary of China Opens Office

First Blockchain Notary

Notary services are required to assure parties involved in a transaction that a certain document which is a part of the transaction is in actuality, authentic and can be trusted. But these documents are sometimes marred with forgery and duplicity. A block chain-enabled notary would make sure that such forged documents never get approved. Using